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Environmental Engineering

We support our customers’ developing needs in clean Energy and Water purification projects.

Our environmental engineering will develop clean energy or water purification concept suitable to future environmental need, scale of each industrial application, customer’s budget and willingness to invest.

Fabric filters, Electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, DeSOx, DeNOx, fan solutions, material handling systems and lay-out optimization are the base elements of our engineering. Together with our partners we provide keen follow up of the customers’ stack emission levels and support them reaching those with secure tolerance.

Our water purification solutions are based on extremely high performing and versatile super absorbent fiber grades or advanced mechanical, self-cleaning filtering units, which are suitable for a variety of water cleaning applications in a number of new and established markets.

We help customers to find environmentally friendly, renewable energy solutions tailored to their application and fuel sources. Heat recovery systems of various types are essential part of our engineering solutions.